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STEMed Up July 15, 2024 : Pirate Adventure

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Our theme at STEMed Up on Monday was “Pirate Adventure”.

The kids each built their own pirate ship. We then tested each ship to see how much treasure it could hold before it sank.

Our next experiment was to build planks using Keva blocks. The challenge required the kids to see how far out over the ocean their plank could go while still holding a LEGO pirate.


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Valley View Enrichment July 10, 2024

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This week Ms. Kim shared a story with the Valley View Enrichment class about Lady Liberty visiting various landmarks across the United States. Then the kids drew snapshots of their favorite parts of summer or places they would like to visit on vacation.
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Children’s Class July 9, 2024 : Ocean Adventure

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This week while reading about the ocean, the kids also learned:
-sign language for various ocean animals
-listening skills
-language skills by responding to the library teachers
-fine motor skills during craft time
#CCLchildrensclass #earlyliteracy #EducateEngageEnrich
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Chick-fil-A Story Time July 8, 2024 : Bugs

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We love story time at Chick-fil-A Gainesville (TX) (Gainesville, TX). This week we read about bugs. Ms. Kim taught us the ASL sign for “bug” so we could interact during the book each time we saw a bug.

#earlyliteracy #EducateEngageEnrich

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