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1000 Books before Kindergar’d’en

In September of 2013 the program, “1000 Books before Kindergar’d’en” was started for the children who participate in the library’s Weekly Children’s Class. The program encourages parents to read 1000 books with their child before they enter Kindergarten. It promotes reading, literacy and family time.


Completing this program is easy. Parents keep track of the books they read to their children. For every 100 books read, they return their reading log to the library. The child will then put a flower in our garden to show their progress and receive their next reading log. A prize is also awarded to the child at each milestone.

Although 1000 books may seem like a challenge, it can be done in only a year by reading three stories a day. Spread out over three years would require only one per day!

For more information on this program, please contact Kimberly Reiter at 940-668-5530.

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